Monday, 30 May 2016

Fractions in a Box

Our focus today was clear communication. We worked in teams to solve the following problem:  

Lola's team used materials to share their thinking about the problem. It was easy to move coloured blocks and sticks to represent their ideas.

Many teams used diagrams, with letters standing for different colours.

Ben's team used a hundred's board to visualise different ways of solving the problem.

Being clear was important. We recorded key facts to track our progress.

We also had to make it right, checking our answers with one another.

Our final challenge was to clearly communicate our solution with the rest of the class. Wade's team had a clear, colour-coded diagram.

Amy's team used their past knowledge of the 12 x tables to explain how they solved the problem. 

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  1. It was really hard but we worked it out in the end