Thursday, 5 May 2016

How can we improve the game of soccer?

Year 7 brainstormed some ideas to change the game of soccer. Here is what we came up with...

You can pick up the ball and throw it whenever you want. - Leela
Infinite boundaries. - Leela
There no teams, you just kick the ball around. - Julia
You can only crawl on your knees and you kick the ball with your knees. - Mackenzie
You have to pass the ball to everyone in your team before you can score a goal. - Julia
At least five passes before you score. - Bella
Make the game longer. - Myro
We can use a balloon instead of a soccer ball. - Phoenix
The game could end when the balloon pops. - Lilly
Use your hands for balloon ball. - Jada
You still have two teams, but they have numbers. You each have a number and run in to play when called. - Zen
Some people can only use their feet, but some can use their hands. - Brie
You could do it like a three-legged race. Three-legged soccer! - Lilly
The entire team could be connected, except for the goalie. - Mackenzie
Have the ball in between your legs and jump to the goal. - Mackenzie
Use two balls. - Julia
Make it like foosball. - Lilly
The foosball lines could be controlled by people on the ends. Everyone has to kick at the same time. - Mackenzie
Zorb soccer. - Myro
Instead of a goal, have a person wearing a band who is the goal. You have to get the ball to the person to score. - Ashley

Tomorrow we will fine-tune one of these ideas and give it a go!

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