Thursday, 26 May 2016

Round Robin Tournaments

Compare the round robin tournament system to the knockout system. 

What are the benefits of a round robin tournament?
You get to play everyone. If you lose one game, you still get to have another go. - Fi
In a normal tournament, you only have one chance. If you blow it, you're not playing for the rest of the competition. You might be playing the best team, even though you're not that good and you'd get knocked out straight away. - Lilly
Everyone gets at least a few games. In a knockout, you might only get one game. What will you do while everyone else plays finals? - Brie
It's usually more fair. In a knockout, just one average game and you're out. You don't get a chance to show how good you really are. - Bella

What are the drawbacks of a round robin tournament? 
It takes a long time. Some people might not want to play so many games. - Leela
Once you're at the top, you can't progress beyond that. You might have already won, but you have to keep playing. - Julia
If you only have a day, you can't do a round robin tournament. A round robin tournament can drag. - Zara

Investigate one of the round robin examples below. Why do you think a round robin system was chosen? 

There are a lot of days, including some rest days. They used 12 different venues. - Zen and James 
There were at least three games a day at different stadiums. - Brie 

The 2007 World Chess Championship was decided in a double round robin tournament.
They needed lots of rounds because there were 16 players. - Fi
They had plans for overtime and draws. - Sophia

Until the advent of Super XV, Super 14 was run as a round robin tournament.
This tournament took five months, almost half a year!  There were 8-10 games per week. There wasn't much rest time. - Bella. 

Plan and run a round robin tournament for our Waka Hourua version of soccer. 

How might we ensure that the tournament is fair? 
There could be grading games. Then teams of equal ability could be matched up. - Brie and Myro
A round robin tournament is likely to be fairer. - Bella 
There need to be a fair amount of byes. -Zen 

What challenges might we face and how might we deal with them? 
If someone is sick, we might have to reorganise things. - Fi
If a team keeps losing, they wouldn't feel good. - Brie 
If a team can't play, we need to count it as a loss or have a rematch. - Daniel 
What if a game goes over time? We've only got five weeks. - Bella

How might we maximise the learning time of teams when they are not playing?
Teams with byes could do schoolwork. There could be worksheets for subs. - Lilly
It's still learning because it's P.E. time. They could be doing another type of P.E. - Mackenzie
Teams not playing could be practising. - Izzy 
You could combine practising spelling with soccer skills. - Fi 

How might we clearly communicate the tournament draw with our Waka Hourua Whānau? 
Have it on the blog so you can check it from home. - Brie
Mark byes with a cross. - Daniel 
Put it up on the wall of our shared space. - Ashley 
You need to announce that it's on the wall. It should include the times. - Mackenzie 
One in the shared space and one in each class. Teachers can remind you the day before. - Bella
We could share it at our Waka Hourua hui. - Leela
It could be attached to our home learning. - Mackenzie 

How many games at once?

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