Monday, 13 June 2016

Digital Cause and Effect with Rimurimu

What might be some effects of this 'pet shaming' trend?

The people posting these might earn a lot of money. On YouTube, if you have a popular channel, companies might ask to advertise on it. Then you earn money from the adds. - Ollie

People might reply with hurtful messages about what they've done to their pets. - Brie

People will think you have pets that do the wrong thing, like bad pets. - Phoenix

People might start doing it to other people. They might think it's so funny that they start doing it to people who don't want it done to them. - Olivia 

It might be sending the wrong message. People would think, those pets are absolutely horrible. The animals should be taken away because the owners are being horrible to them. - Samantha 

There might be some jealousy. Someone might frame their pet to get more hits or likes. - Blair

Compare 'pet shaming' to 'kid shaming'.

The people online might think that the children are getting abused because the one that had the sign looked really young. - Charlotte

It makes the children feel, look, and act like someone they're not. - Emily

It could be bad for the child trying to get a job when he grows up. They'll say, 'He's that bully.' - Jordi

It might make the parents and the child look bad. - Max

It's showing that the kid's growing up. He's understanding that what he did was wrong. It might make the kid he bulled feel better. - Blair

The kids might end up having really low self-esteem and feel really bad about themselves. - Millie

If their friends saw that, they might get bullied. Their friends might laugh at them. - Samantha

Shaming a child is bad. They're family. The children will get upset. - Olivia

I think it's not very good because there are a few different things that could go wrong. Other kids might think it's right and then they might try to shame other kids. - Brie

The kid might feel ashamed and then feel angry at the mum. The mum might get mad back and do something worse. - Jordi

The child might get bullied at school and end up in foster care. The parent might get fined. - Ruby

The child will get angry at the mum. - Daniel

The child might go to school and lie about what the parents are doing. - Olivia

The children might have difficulty getting a job later on. People who saw them might not employ them. - Blair

They might try to get more attention by being naughty. The children might be trying to get attention because their mother works two jobs. - Brie

Once the children leave home, they might get angry at their mum because of what she did. - Julia

The children might behave better from then on. It might work. - Reuben

The children might become depressed because they feel so ashamed. - Anthony

The punishment should be more about teaching them a lesson instead of making them feel embarrassed and ashamed. This punishment might make them do it again because it harms them when they feel embarrassed. - Rosa

How big might these consequences get?

It's very racist. - Ollie

It's mean and offensive. It's disrespectful. - Max W.

If a person from Africa was looking at that, they would feel very offended. - Millie 

It's probably not the best way to give her company a good reputation. I hope she lost her job. A lot of people will find that offensive. The fact that she's putting that on social media means a lot of people will see it. - Rosa 

People might get really mad and then tweet bad stuff back. Once stuff's put on, you can't get rid of it. - Samantha 

She might lose her job because the company might see her tweet and think it's not nice. Other people might see it and it will change the reputation of the company. - Phoenix

If she did lose her job, she would be out of money. She might not be able to buy food. - Anthony 

She might get a lot of haters on Twitter. - Emily


  1. What do you think we can learn from these examples?

    1. I think that we should think before we post things that could offend or harm anyone.

    2. To always check your post and to make sure they would not be offensive to anyone.

    3. Excellent point Reuben. What might happen if people don't stop and think?

    4. I think that what Justine Sacco said was horrible and racist and I will learn not to ever do that!

    5. To use the habit of mind Stop and think even when out of school.

    6. We can learn from our racist remarks and make the world a better place.-Daniel

    7. I think we should use common sense before punishing people or putting things online.

    8. When this kind of thing is posted on social media everybody can see it and we can see this and learn from other peoples mistakes.

    9. This probably isn't the best way of promoting a good reputation for her company. Many people would find this tweet offensive and by putting that tweet on social media, there will be a record of it forever. People shouldn't sink to her level because two wrongs don't make a right. She has embarrassed herself enough and ruined her chances of getting jobs in the future. I am surprised she gained followers after making such an offensive, stupid, racist comment!

    10. Never put something on social media that you will regret.
      Always make sure that you aren't cyber bullying.

    11. That we should not post mean or racist comments on social media, because people will see it and possibly take a screenshot of it or share it with other people. And once you delete it, people have already seen it and shared it. Even if you delete a mean or racist comment, it is still in the system,to stay there forever.

    12. I think we can learn that it's wrong to be racist and that the whole world can look at what you post online and if you put something mean online there will always people who disagree

    13. You should always check what you sent before you post something because once it is posted then you can't get rid of it. Someone would have already taken a screen shot.

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  3. We should stop and think to see what you are posting so that you don't
    offend anyone.

    1. Good thinking Jordi. Please click 'reply' next time, so your reply goes with the question. Sometimes there will be more than one question per post!

  4. What would you do if this happened to you?

  5. To stop and think before we say something and to only say what we would wear on a t-shirt. And read before you post. The concequences could be very bad justine sacco could loose her job and the kids could have future struggles and so could the parents. If I was any of them I would use the habit of mind stop and think and make it right.