Monday, 20 March 2017

Food For Thought: Food Detectives

We started by looking at pictures of cereal packets and counting the number of ingredients. As a general rule of thumb, if something looks like it only contains one thing in your bowl (e.g. cornflakes), but includes lots of ingredients (e.g. 10+ ingredients), it probably isn't very natural.

Next we looked at the Avg Qty (average quantity) of different nutrients. We realised it's only fair to compare "per 100g" rather than "per serving" because servings can be different sizes. 

Our next job was to be food detectives and find the nutritional information for some common cereals.

There are some healthy fats found in nuts, seeds, fish, and avocados. Muesli was the only cereal we looked at with healthy fat.

We want total fat to be under 10g per 100g. (If there are nuts or seeds, the total can be over 10g.) 

We want sugar to be under 10g per 100g. (These cereals below contain >25g of sugar per 100g!)

We want >5g of dietary fibre per 100g.
We want <400mg sodium per 100g. 

Of the cereals we looked at, only Rolled Oats and Weet-Bix received 4/4 scores. Anything lower than 4 is an 'eat occasionally' food.

We looked at these drinks and tried to identify which ones had the most sugar. 

The sugariest drinks are on the left. The least sugary drinks are on the right.

Out of all your food and drink for the entire day, you should have about 3tsp of sugar. A little bottle of chocolate milk can contain 7 tsp of sugar!

We talked about how the All Blacks are sponsored by Gatorade. They might not drink as much Gatorade as they seem to. That wouldn't be very healthy!

Look at the sugar in these drinks!

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