Thursday, 16 March 2017

Rātā and the Totara

Today was Toroa's first session of storytelling. You can see Ms Y.'s 5-minute story map on the board. Toroa students should be able to tell the story based on the map.

The story we are learning in Toroa is a Māori myth, Rātā and the Totara. Because this is a myth, there are already many versions. We each recorded our own 5-minute story maps. 

We practised telling the story to our thinking buddies. Some people even chose to tell the story without using their story map! We all received positive feedback from our thinking buddies.  

Here is a stop frame animation of the story, made by students at another school. 

What is different about the version in the video and the version of the myth which we're learning?

Here is another version read by a teacher and illustrated by junior students.

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