Friday, 31 March 2017

Today's Church Service

Our prayer table is looking a bit different at this special time of year. Reverend Helen brought a special box with a cross on the lid. There are extra candles and a wreath, which had thorns (toothpicks) in it. It would be great to share the significance of these items by explaining this photo to someone in your whānau.

Daniel and Ashley donated New World vouchers to the City Mission on behalf of Waka Hourua. Students in Waka Hourua discussed how to spend the vouchers, which we received as part of our healthy eating programme. Ashley suggested donating them to the City Mission, so that less fortunate people might also have the chance to eat healthy. Daniel's Genius Hour project is all about helping the City Mission. Daniel gave the vouchers to Gray, our guest speaker from earlier in the term, who taught us about how the City Mission gives food to those in need.  

Our performance choir sang in church for the first time this year.

They taught us a new song about Jesus.

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