Thursday, 25 May 2017

Statistics in Toroa

Our multivariate statistics unit ended with presentations of our statistical investigations. 

Using our data squares, we were able to graph our results. We talked about our findings and the limitations of our data. We wrote paragraphs explaining our thinking.  

We found that the way we graphed our results influenced how easy they were to understand. This team displayed the same data in two different graphs. The graph on the left highlights the overall preference for co-ed schools. The graph on the right highlights boys' preference for co-ed schools.  

We took our thinking beyond the data by speculating what we might find if we surveyed different people. This team thought that the age of our survey participants might have influenced their results. 

This team colour-coded their data squares to help communicating their thinking. Their data suggested that video games were much more popular with boys than with girls. 

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