Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Thinking Flexibly: What do a smartphone and a kangaroo have in common?

They can both be warm. They can both be at the zoo. - Olivia

They can both be in Australia. They can both be used by people. - Bella

They're both tangible. - Oliver

They're both breakable. - Ben

They both need energy. - William

They're both spelled with 'a' and 'o'. - Lilah

They can both be outdoors or indoors. - Zara

They can be fast, processing or jumping. They both have a cover, either fur or a phone cover. - Zac

They can both be difficult to find. - Max He.

A phone comes in a box and kangaroos can box. They can both amuse people. - Ashley

They're both important. People like both of them. - Sol

They're both interesting. - Sophia

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