Monday, 12 June 2017

Thinking Flexibly: What do a jersey and a watermelon have in common?

You can buy both of them. - Zara
They both can be green. - Zac
They're both tangible. - Max W.
They can both be the same size. - Alice
They're both spelled with two 'e's and one 'r'. - Bella
They're both seasonal. - Solomon
They're both useful in life. - Bonnie
A goat can eat both. - Anna
They can both be red on the inside. - Max Y.
They are both covered in bacteria. - Lilah
You can take pictures of both of them. - Ashley
A farmer might have both of them. - Bella
They can both have stripes. - Brie C.
They both have patterns. - Zac
They can both be cut. - Anna and Olivia
People like both of them. - Solomon
They both can be soggy. - William
They can both be heavy. - Max W.

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