Friday, 8 September 2017

How should we resolve conflict?

What is conflict? What might be some examples?

It's like a fight between people. - Max He.
It's when two people disagree on something. They both think different things. - Max Y.
It can involve shouting. - Zara
It can be debating in a way because people are supporting different points of view. - Lilly
An argument - Solomon
Conflict is like when Dance Moms fight. - Brie C.
Trump and North Korea - Lilah
It doesn't have to be people fighting. It could be giving the silent treatment. - Anna
WWI and WWII - Ashley

What kinds of conflict might we see at school?

Sometimes there are disagreements about soccer, like when there's a hand ball. - Solomon
If you're both solving a maths question, you might disagree on the answer. - Inaki
Sometimes a teacher solves the conflict. - Brie S.
Sometimes conflict can be due to miscommunication or a misunderstanding. - Olivia C-S.
Conflict can happen when people are fighting over something they don't want to share. - William
Bullying - Ashley
People might disagree about what game to play. - Bonnie
Exclusion - Mackenzie
If two groups of people want to use the turf, there might be conflict. - Inaki

What are some of the ways people deal with conflict?

You can talk to someone you trust. -Olivia C-S.
You could do paper scissors rock or a vote to decide. - Bonnie
You could ask a teacher for help. - William
Some people let their anger out. - Ben
People might compromise, for example using the turf on different days - Max He.
Safe telling - Ashley
Sometimes someone can be an upstander - Alice
You can talk to your pet to feel better. - Lilah
Some people just ignore it. - Brie C.
Some conflict can end up at court. - Inaki
Some people avoid the problem or avoid each other. - Anna
A negative strategy is to threaten someone. - Solomon
It could escalate to a shouting argument. - Lilly

There are many ways to deal with conflict. We discussed a continuum from mouse (too passive) to monster (too aggressive). Our aim is to find a balance and choose strategies which will help resolve conflict in positive ways. Here are some of our ideas:

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