Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Year 6-7 Social Sciences

In year 6-7 social sciences, we are investigating the question, 'What was it like to live in the past?' 

Each individual or pair is responsible for developing a Time Travel Tours business, which will guide tourists through life in a different time and place. So far, we have made a start with our Time Travel Tours business logos.   

When your logo is finished let Ms Y. know so she can take a photo of it and upload it.

We will be using Google Sites to share some of our learning. Click below to make your Time Travel Tours site. When you create your site, you must:

1. Share edit access with your buddy if you are working in a pair.
2. Name your site according to your business name, e.g. "E.E. Time Travel Tours"
3. When you are ready, click PUBLISH. You must enter your site location according to the letters of your business name, e.g. "EETTT".

Remember, everything you do online is visible. We expect you to be responsible and to make the most of this learning opportunity. 

The first feature of your site will be your landmark profile. Create your landmark profile in Google Slides and embed it in your site. Good luck!

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