Thursday, 26 October 2017

Square It Strategy

Today in Toroa, we explored the questions: What is the best Square It strategy? How do you know? What we are really learning is how to work with others in a mathematical community to solve problems. We are practising communicating our thinking in maths.

Some of the strategies we tested were:

- Create a pattern like a 'T'. No matter where your opponent moves, you can then make a square.

- Start in the middle.

- Aim for a diagonal square.

- Aim to make as large a square as possible.

- Aim for 1x1 square.

- Put lots of dots in a cluster nearby.

- Maybe the best strategy is to be adaptable. - Michael
- When I used the 'T' strategy, I won half of my games. - Holly
- When I used a 2x2 'T' strategy, I won every game. - Freddie
- We need more evidence. - Fi
- Aiming for a big square worked well because it's easy to see small squares, but difficult to visualise large squares. - Myro

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