Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Year-7 Gap Filler Course

The year-7 Gap Filler leadership course day started in the commons. We worked together in a small room to build the tallest paper tower.
We generated loads of ideas about the qualities of a successful leader.
We walked around town to see various Gap Filler projects. 
We discussed street art. Pippin let us know about the cool new Gap Filler project that he is currently working on. 
A favourite of ours was the Dance-O-Mat.
For $2, we could play up to half an hour of music. We could choose any music we wanted.
We danced where Prince Chales danced when he visited New Zealand.

We enjoyed the table tennis table at the Commons. Most people leave the table tennis paddles and balls where they belong. This might be because so many people were involved in making the table tennis facility. They have a shared sense of ownership.

Sally showed us this modified parking meter in Cathedral Square. Instead of payming money into this machine, you can press a button and it prints a ticket with a suggestion of a free activity to do in the area.

We thought it was a great idea for tourists and for people who are bored in the school holidays.

We learned that another school used this particular Gap Filler space to host a roller derby event. We are keen to take on a Gap Filler project of our own.

We saw how different cultures within our Christchurch community are repsented.

We loved Super Street Arcade. It was amazing how many people had to be involved to make this project happen. Pippin identified communication as a key skill to get the project to work. Without quality communication, the owner of the building or the tenants who leased the building might not have let the Gap Filler team create this awesome project. Once people understood what the project was about, they really got on board.

We heard about the high schools that have created games for Super Street Arcade. Maybe we can even design a game to contribute next year!

We worked together and practised our leadership skills by making our own pizza for lunch.

We shared pizza with the Gap Filler team.

We ended our day with service. We volunteered to weed the Commons to help it look like a tidy, welcoming place.

Everyone chipped in to help.

A big thank you to Pippin, Erica, Sally, Rachael, Sarah, and the whole Gap Filler team!

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