Sunday, 10 December 2017

Our Values, Our Certificates

We have been working on redesigning our certificates to reflect our St Mark's School values. The new certificates will be printed on gold paper. Here is what the current certificates look like:

Click below to see the design process so far. The white and yellow designs are from students across the school. The gold versions are prototypes of what the final certificate might look like. 

Design One: Cross with Values
Design Two: Cross with Values Statement

Design Three: Two Winged Lions (no cross)

Design Four: Winged Lion Watermark

Design Five: Banner on the Right

Which one do you like best? Please comment and let us know.


  1. I have designed the golden certificates in Adobe Illustrator. I would really appreciate your feedback!

  2. I think that the winged lion watermark is great.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Daniel. That was a popular student-design, particularly in Waka Hourua!