Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Toroa Novel Study

In Toroa, we are beginning a novel study of Trash, by Andy Mulligan. Today we listened to the first few pages. The story is being told by Raphael, a boy who lives in a dumpsite. The last words we heard today were: 

"maybe one day you'll find 'something nice'. Oh yes. Then one day I did."

Here are some of our predictions about the 'something nice' Raphael might find:

Something they can sell for a good price, or something useful. - Olivia

Maybe food, a lot of it. Maybe some interesting technology. - William

Maybe money. - Oliver

An object or map that leads to another city or something bigger or more pricey. - Jordi

Something that we have every day, but they find really valuable. - Samantha

Maybe they find something they can make a house or home with, like a secret place. - Anna

"We looked at the key then. It had a little tag made of yellow plastic. There was a number on both sides: 101... A long time later I would think to myself: Everyone needs a key.
With the right key, you can bust the door wide open.
Because nobody's going to open it for you."

A big door to a mysterious room. - Harry

The numbers on the key could lead to a house number. - Oliver

I think it could be for an apartment. - Olivia

Could be an underground bunker with loads of cash. - Max W

Maybe it's to a cash locker thing at the bank. A safe, or vault. - Lilah

Maybe 101 is like SOS. Maybe the girl in the photo who isn't smiling is being held captive, so Raphael and Gardo need to rescue her. - Zac

It might be a key to an office, which has something important in it. - Trinity

It could be to a file locker. - Max He
Maybe the file locker has a paper with money to be collected from a divorce. - Ben

It could be a car key. - Max B

It could be a key to a mansion because the bag came from Green Hill. - Samantha

Maybe it's a key to dungeon 101. - Anna

A key to a door that leads to another city. - Jordi

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