Monday, 29 May 2017

Toroa: Thinking Flexibly With Our Thinking Buddies

What do the moon and chocolate cake have in common?

They can both kill you. Sugar in chocolate cake can kill you over time. You would suffocate on the moon. - Zac and Oliver

They're both round. - Lilah and Ashley 

They're both spelled with two letter 'o's - Brie S., Alice, and George 

They both have an icing layer. The moon has dust and chocolate cake can be dusted with icing sugar. - Brie C. and Inaki 

They're both tangible. - Zara and Max

You can see both of them. - Sophia S. 

You can't live without them. - Max H. 

They can both be half or full. - Solomon 

They could both be at a birthday party. You might eat cake at night and see the moon. - Alice 

They can both have holes in them - craters or spoonfuls. - Olivia 

You could make a cake that looked like the moon. - Ashley 

They're both kind of crumbly. - Anna 

They both can disappear over time. You can't see a new moon and chocolate cake disappears fast because it's delicious. - Lilah 

You could throw a moon rock and you could throw cake. - Oliver 

They're both interesting to look at. - Bonnie

They were both created at some point in time. - Solomon 

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