Monday, 12 June 2017

What makes a good quality speech?

A great hook that draws in the audience. - Inaki and William

Interesting vocabulary. - Oliver and Alice

Keep the audience's attention the whole way through. - Anna, Lilah

Effective pauses. - Bonnie and George

Make eye contact. - Zara and Bella

Practise, so you know your speech well enough to not read word-for-word from your cards. - Solomon

Informative and organised into paragraphs. - Ashley and Max He.

Being clear - Pronounce words clearly and pace yourself. - Zac and Max Y.

An introduction that lets your audience know what's coming up. - Max W.

Engaging content that follows on and sticks to a topic. - Brie

Timing - Make sure it's not too long or too short. - Olivia

Everything has to make sense. - Zac

You have to speak at an appropriate speed. - Bella

Try not to say 'um' - Olivia

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