Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Waka Hourua Chatswood Trip

As part of our loving service learning for this term, we spent some time with residents at Chatswood. This is a way of connecting with our community, practising our listening skills, and giving back to our community. 

We heard many interesting stories and enjoyed getting to know the residents.

Our next step is to create something to give back to the person we met.

The gift we create will reflect how well we listened because it will be something thoughtful that might be special to them.

One resident even had a book about growing up in 1936, which we were able to borrow!

We will be using the habit of mind, creating and innovating, to generate a unique gift for the person we met.

We are looking forward to visiting Chatswood again with our gifts later this term.


  1. I enjoyed my person because she was really kind and caring.

  2. loved the trip really fun thanks for the trip waka hourua staff can't wait to go back🖤

  3. We loved this Chatswood trip, and really enjoyed meeting the elders, and getting to know them. Would love to do this again

  4. We enjoyed learning about their life as a child, there were some funny stories.
    - Zara and Lilah

  5. This Chatswood trip was a great eye-opener to how all of our elders lived and how different life was when compared to how we live now. Getting to know everyone was really great and we can't wait to go back.
    - Bella & Alice

  6. What a amazing trip we liked learning about our older persons life experiences. Max W- Max Y

  7. This project is a great idea! Can't wait to give our person our gift.From Iñaki and George

  8. This Project is Really cool And I Cant wait To give our older person Our gifts i'm Positive that our person will love them.